Herman Miller is one of the most trusted and popular brands when it comes to buying furniture. Their designer has earned quite a good reputation himself, and so you can expect the Aeron chair to be a well-designed piece. The ergonomics will be on the better side for sure. Let's now start reviewing the chair:

First impression-
At the first look itself, you'll be smitten by this chair. It has wide and thick looking armrests that look very comforting. While assembling it, you would eventually realize that it is actually so easy to put it together, that any novice could even assemble it himself, just by reading the instructions. Aeron is a hefty chair, and would mark its presence in any place that it is kept at.

We'll now review it on the basis of some parameters:

1. Comfort and ergonomics: The Aeron is quite a comfortable chair. The material making the seat and the back of the chair, and stretching over its edges, is elastic and sheer. The material also makes the chair look good. It is highly customizable and the adjustments are very easy to be used even by a child. It lets you adjust the armrests, seat, and the level of recline.
2. Design: The chair has got all the looks that one would want in his chair. Its backrest and seat are contoured and the back is curved to give you a nice posture. Comfort comes inbuilt in its design.
3. Performance: Working at desk becomes easier with this masterpiece from the house of Herman Miller. Its comfort and adjustability contribute to the user's productivity. The wheel-base makes your movement quicker and easier, and you won’t feel like you need to get up and stretch your legs.


• It is highly durable, but if you find yourself with a different opinion about it, you can reap the benefits of a 12-year warranty from Herman Miller that comes with it.
• Herman Millers Aeron Chair is created in an emissions-free environment and the chair itself is mostly recyclable. Also, it is certified by GreenGaurd for air quality.
• It is porous, thus allowing air to circulate through its backrest and seat. This also means that heat won't build up, and you won't be discomforted by unnecessary sweating.

• The edges rising up on the seat's side make it difficult to sit in any position other than sitting straight.
• It comes with no support for your neck and head. So, it might be troublesome for people.

Herman Miller Aeron chair is famous for a reason and we would definitely recommend it. It is modern yet classic, comfortable yet trendy and worth the every penny spent on it. There are a few drawbacks, which are very well compensated by the features and comfort it has on offer. It keeps you cool, comes with a warranty, and looks like a designer piece. It also makes you feel good, since it is responsibly produced, and can be thrown off responsibly. It makes a great option, especially if you are on a restricted budget as it offers great value as compared to its contemporaries in similar price band.

A laptop table is your companion in all walks of life. Whether you are on a flight, in a hotel or in your home. A laptop table will provide you the comfort of handling your laptop with ease and at the same time keeping it cool by allowing proper heat passage.
There are many health hazards related to mishandling of laptops. If you prefer keeping your laptop on your lap, it may be dangerous. Scientists have proven that this can cause impotency, especially in men. That is why it is suggested, if you own a laptop, you should also own a laptop desk.

In this article, we will discuss some points that will help you decide the best laptop desk for you.

Buying Guide

• Working conditions
Do you want to keep your children away from the laptop? Or do you want it just for your office use? Firstly, you should keep in mind the requirement of the laptop. Many tables can also be used as laptop desks. You might want to purchase one just to keep your posture straight.

• Material of the desk
The build quality of any table will play an important role in determining its life. You could choose from a wooden, plastic, and steel or any metal made laptop table. Preference should be given to a light weight and sturdy built table. You can also use a foldable laptop table if you are a frequent traveler. It also can be carried outdoors for your work.

• Design
The design of a laptop desk should be very convenient for use. You should be able to work from all angles on your table. It should have enough space to move the mouse easily. It should be aesthetically well built. Choose a table that can be adjusted according to your needs.

• Air vents
One of the major use of laptop desk is to provide air ventilation to the heat coming out from the laptop. The air vents should be well built to ventilate the laptop properly. It should have enough insulation so that the table itself does not get heated up. It should have insulation padding of superior built. You can choose from the various paddings and air vents options available in the market.

• Match your style
You should buy a laptop that not only does the work for you but also matches your style. Similarly, a laptop desk should speak for you. It should be stylish and have a classy look. Choose a design that suits your style.

• Portable
A laptop table should be portable enough to be carried to different places. Even if you want to work in your pool side or garden, a portable and light weight table allows you to carry it easily to such places and work in complete comfort. This becomes more important if you are a frequent traveler.


A laptop desk serves many purposes and also keeps you fit and healthy. It saves men from getting impotent. It offers comfort while you work on your laptop. It should be on every person's essential items list for sure.